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National Park of Cabañeros

National Park of Cabañeros - Spanish Serengeti

Parque Nacional de Cabañeros

Cabañeros National Park is one of the largest and best-preserved Mediterranean forest areas in the world, one of the most valuable protected areas of the Montes de Toledo, a refuge for large birds of prey, such as the Imperial Eagle and the Black Vulture and many other species in danger of extinction such as the Black Stork. The park is especially known for "La Berrea": the fight between male deer in the mating season, emitting loud bellowing. This phenomenon occurs in the months of September and October, in autumn, and is easy to see and hear in "La Raña", known as the Spanish Serengeti. Its landscape is characterised by extensive lowland meadows with rich seasonal pastures, and forests, mountain ranges and massifs which are home to a wide variety of birds and mammals, such as the Iberian lynx, which is an endangered feline. Like Cabañeros National Park it is rich in fauna and the flora, which is representative of the Mediterranean forest, is abundant and rich. Examples of shrubs: rockrose, heather, lavender, rosemary, thyme, strawberry tree, honeysuckle and mastic. And trees like holm oak, cork oak, Portuguese oak, oak and chestnut.

In "La Raña" - known as the Spanish Serengeti – you will feel like you are in Africa. Guided tours in 4x4 vehicles. VISITACABAÑEROS dealer. Phone bookings: 926 775 384.


There are three modes with multiple daily shifts:

1. Visit 4x4 Cabañeros Mediterranean forest. Starting point: Horcajo de los Montes. Duration: 3 hours. The route runs mainly Mediterranean forest areas and also covers a stretch of plain Cabañeros La raña.

2. Visit 4x4 Cabañeros frog. Starting point: Chopsticks House Visitor Center. Duration: 3 hours. The route runs mainly Cabañeros La Raña.

3. Visit 4x4 short. Starting point: Chopsticks House Visitor Center. Duration: 1 h. 30 min. The route is a short version of the 4x4 tour of the Cabañeros La Raña.


Mountain range Castellar los Bueyes. Square Moors

Two kms from the campsite and into the National Park Cabañeros, begin two new routes that, first, by the Sierra Castellar the horse and the second by the top of the Plaza de los Moros. One of the richest areas of the park in Mediterranean forests. The routes pass amidst lush vegetation with a predominance of arbutus and heather, culminating in the summit with excellent views of the environment 360. Beautiful sunset. You can see, among other birds, the flight of the black vulture and the imperial eagle. In spring include honeysuckle and lilies in a spectacular world of colors and smells that presents us the Mediterranean forest, full of botanical species such as rosemary, lavender. jara, heather jaguarzo, honeysuckle, oak, cork oak gall .... etc. In autumn-winter red fruit of the Madroño with us for the entire route. Free access routes departing from the parking lot two miles from the campsite. Low difficulty. The long route is approximately two hours.

Cañada Real

Cañada Real route: Free. By foot. Starting point: Parking at 17 km from Horcajo de los Montes, the CM-4017 road towards Retuerta del Bullaque. Duration: 50 min. Length: 1.8 km round trip. Elevation: 65 m. Difficulty: medium-low.

The route runs along the sunny side of the Sierra del Chorito and the Cañada Real Segoviana.. Jarales closed vegetation, strawberry trees and oaks. He gets into a signposted observatory can enjoy sweeping views over the park. Eastward we observe La Raña de  Cabañeros. During the tour include the old oaks that from its large glasses kept clear delineation of the cattle route. The route ends in centenary blockhead.

La Viñuela

La Viñuela route: Free. By foot. Starting point: Parking at 17 km from Horcajo de los Montes, the CM-4017 road towards Retuerta del Bullaque. Duration: 3 h. 15 min. Length: 13 km return (semicircular). Elevation: 190 m. Difficulty: medium-low.

In the itinerary you can enjoy the shady and sunny touring a valley of well-preserved typical Mediterranean forest. Admire a dense understory of strawberry, robust ancient oaks and beautiful quejigar. During the trip we will observe great views Cabañeros frog. On the road it is easy to cross with deer and wild boars and also see in the sky flying black vultures and imperial eagles.

El Boquerón del Estena

The river Estena runs through lush vegetation and Trilobite trace worm fossils. Very interesting and attractive trail. The trail begins at Navas de Estena and it can be optionally accompanied by a park guide, appointment, phone: 926 783 297, free of charge.


The River Estena extends its course, passing through forests of alder and ash, it is easy to observe the otters crossing its bed. It is compulsory to be accompanied by a park guide, by appointment on phone number: 926 983 297, free of charge. It takes 45 minutes from Horcajo by car, with beautiful scenery.


Valhondo route

Trail taking 4 hours. Medium difficulty. Start of the route in the House in the estate.

El Chorro, Chorrera Chica y Rocigalgo

El Chorro de Los Navalucillos
El Chorro de Los Navalucillos

The northern area of the park is mountainous. This trail leaves from Los Navalucillos, at a place called Las Becerras. The trail has an optional park guide, by appointment on phone number: 926 783 297

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